This is the fill-out form to initiate a COW conference.

Before filling out this form, please read the University of Michigan Information Technology Policies and Guidelines and Fair Witness (a.k.a. Organizer) Tutorial.

The cost for organizing a COW conference is: $4.00 per month.

Naming your COW conference: To keep COW as organized as possible, you should give your conference a name that has the following form:
Subject Code-Course#-Section#-TermYear.
A dot (.) can be used instead of a hyphen (-). Here are a couple of examples:
  • MATH-216-202-SU1
    (for Mathematics 216, section 202, in the summer of 2001)
  • SOC.368.F1
    (for Sociolagy 368 in Fall of 2001)

Spaces and slashes are NOT allowed in the COW conference names.

If you will be using one conference for all of your sections then you may leave that part (Section) out of the name, as is the case with the example Sociology 368 course.

Request Form

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Should be Available to External Users:

Purpose of conference:

Sponsoring Dept/Unit/Org:

(e.g. Affirmative Actions Office, School of Education, None, ...)

For course conferences:

Course official title/name:

Professor's Name:

Division code:

Course number:

Section Number:

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